Game Master 101 (Roy and Helen Hall)

By McKinney Public Library System (other events)

6 Dates Through Oct 18, 2021

Learn to run your own roleplaying game like Dungeons and Dragons™ in this six week workshop. Carpe Diem Comics will help us discover what it takes to run your game with game master tools, tips, theory and techniques.

Sept. 13th - Introduction to GMing- Go over the basic concepts of RPGs, general tools of the trade, and GM theory.

Sept. 20th - Elements of the Game- Learn the basic building blocks of an RPG and discuss combining them into a larger world.

Sept. 27th - Running Your First Session- Learn what you will need in order to run your first session, how to deal with hiccups/hurdles, and being able to wing it

Oct. 4th - Creating Challenges- Begin creating encounters for your players that engage and challenge them.

Oct. 11th - Building Adventures and Campaigns- Get the knowledge you need in order to start planning your first adventure or campaign from scratch. Worldbuilding, central tension, characters, and more

Oct. 18th - Miniatures (Supplies Provided)- Learn how miniatures are used in play and learn how to paint them! Paint and miniatures provided.

Ticketed events are intended for individuals and families only. Organized groups and businesses must first email [email protected] or call 972-547-7323 about the possibility of special arrangements. 

Mailing Address

101 Hunt McKinney, Texas 75069